Is there a real Stacy?

Of course! Just ask the original customers, who lined up for blocks at Stacy's original sandwich cart in downtown Boston for her sandwiches, made with fresh pita bread. To reward her loyal fans, Stacy served up incredibly delicious, seasoned pita chips while they waited in line. It was an immediate hit, and the rest, as they say, is history.

How are your chips made?

Magic! Just kidding. OK, maybe we throw a little magic in the mix. But we’re mainly focused on the authentic, genuine stuff like hard work, taking the time to do things right, and a love for what we do. We take 14 hours to bake each batch of our chipsand use only the best ingredients to deliver a delicious taste. But when all is said and done, what really matters is our dedication to make the best pita chips in the world.

Do STACY'S® Snacks contain wheat?

Yes. STACY'S® Pita Chips, STACY'S® Pita Crisps, STACY'S® Bagel Chips and STACY'S® Bake Shop® contain wheat.

Are there peanuts or tree nuts in your facility?

No. We do not have nuts in our facility

Do your chips contain MSG?

We have not added MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) as a flavor enhancer to STACY'S® snacks. Please note, however, that glutamic acid may occur in some of the ingredients. As a result, not all of these products will be appropriate for consumers who want to avoid all sources of glutamic acid. See our ingredient statements for occurring sources of glutamic acid.

Does the STACY'S® brand have a retail store?

At this time, we do not have a retail store at our facility but you can find a store near you that carries our product by clicking FIND US.

Where can I buy STACY'S® Pita Chips?

STACY'S® Pita and Bagel Chips can be found in the deli at most national grocery chains. In CVS and other mass merchandise stores we're located in the 'salty snack' aisle. If you have questions about where to find STACY'S® products in a store near you, contact us at 1-866-4-STACYS. Or you can search for a store that carries STACY'S® near you under the FIND US section.

Do you have a coupon?

At this time, we do not distribute coupons.

Do STACY'S® Snacks contain genetically modified (GM) ingredients?

View the Non-GMO Frequently Asked Questions