Stacy’s® Rise Project will shine a spotlight on the critical work to be done to advance women leaders in culinary, and help them shatter the glass ceiling of the highest ranks of the industry.

This summer, we will stay true to our roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur by launching the Stacy’s Rise Project – and awarding four $10,000 scholarships to help women attend the acclaimed International Culinary Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship program in New York City.

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Stacy’s is focused on giving women the support they need to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams through scholarship, mentorship and financial support. Women have long expressed a desire, passion and capability to join the highest ranks of the culinary industry, but continue to lack the same access, opportunities and support as their male counterparts – with less than a quarter of females chefs in leadership roles. 

We want that to change.

Let’s Rise.