Staying true to our roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur, we launched the Stacy’s Rise Project. We have awarded eight $10,000 scholarships to help women attend the acclaimed International Culinary Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship program in New York City.
We are excited to highlight our 2018 class of Rise Project recipients:

Julia DeCiantis is a private chef living in Brooklyn, New York. She is passionate about helping her clients spend more time with their families by preparing satisfying, healthy and seasonal meals. Julia also specializes in cooking for people who are undergoing bone marrow transplants and aspires to launch a business that provides meals to transplant patients in New York City. A dream that she hopes to achieve with help from Stacy’s Rise Project and the Culinary Entrepreneurship program.

Allie Schwartz hails from Manhattan, New York. Having been diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, she found her passion in the food and nutrition space. She is committed to empowering women to make healthy lifestyle choices by shining light on how important food can be as nourishment – physically, mentally and emotionally. Allie plans to leverage the business plan and mentorship advice she receives through the Stacy’s Rise Project and the Culinary Entrepreneurship program to launch a female-run nutrition coaching and education business for women who are interested in reforming their life through food.

Hannah Shore is a trilingual New Yorker with a dream to combine her two great passions in life – food and human behavior – into a force for good. Having worked with several global food companies over the years, she is excited to leverage the business plan and mentorship advice from the Culinary Entrepreneurship Course to be more equipped to bring her culinary ideas to life in the real world. Following the program, she plans on participating in a master’s degree focused on analytics that will help her better understand how healthy food trends emerge and evolve over time. As a 27 year old woman working tirelessly to make her mark in the culinary field, she is excited to see women-owned businesses gain share of voice as they grow in number, size and influencers – both in food service and in consumer products. She hopes to be part of this movement and play her part in creating an equal voice for women everywhere.

Flavia Gerelli Ghiraldini is part of the 4th generation of Italian immigrants in Brazil, having moved to the United States in 2014. She carried with her a dream to launch her own business in the food industry and believes the Culinary Entrepreneurship Course can help her achieve this life-long ambition. Through Stacy’s financial support, she aspires to gain the right knowledge and resources that will be fundamental in achieving her entrepreneurial dreams to launch her own business. As of a beneficiary of this scholarship, she hopes to pay it forward by providing the same opportunities to other women in the future. She applauds the many initiatives taking place – including Stacy’s Rise Project – that allow women to rise up and take the lead through resilience and sorority.

Congrats to these talented women - we are excited to see what the future has in-store for them!



Stacy’s Rise Project is shining a spotlight on the critical work to be done to advance women leaders in culinary, and help them shatter the glass ceiling of the highest ranks of the industry. 
We will continue to focus on giving women the support they need to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams through scholarship, mentorship and financial support. Women have long expressed a desire, passion and capability to join the highest ranks of the culinary industry, but continue to lack the same access, opportunities and support as their male counterparts – with less than a quarter of females chefs in leadership roles. 
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