Staying true to our roots as a company founded by a strong female entrepreneur we launched the Stacy’s Rise Project – and awarded four $10,000 scholarships to help women attend the acclaimed International Culinary Center’s Culinary Entrepreneurship program in New York City.

We are excited to highlight our first class of Rise Project recipients:

Kiki Canuto is a trilingual world traveler from Massachusetts who would like to create connections and cultivate fulfillment through the food she serves. She is the owner of The Getaway Plate, which provides families with in-home meal prep in the Greater Boston area. Kiki’s zest for life is contagious and she is passionate about simplifying the lives of families who are very busy, but also value enjoying a meal together at the end of the day. With the tools she gained from the Culinary Entrepreneurship Course, she hopes to soon expand her services to Southern California.

Eunice Giarta is a Californian-turned-New Yorker. Having previously studying engineering and working in software, she found her passion in a different type of challenge—not in an office, but in a kitchen where she pursued further education in pastry arts. She enjoys the methodical, precise and special art of baking and loves sharing the fruits of her labor with her customers. Eunice plans to leverage the business plan and mentorship advice she received through the Stacy’s Rise Project and Culinary Entrepreneurship Course to open a dessert bar in Chicago where she can share her cultural background and love of pastry by merging Asian-inspired flavors and French-pastry techniques.

Jane Deegan hails from Manhattan, New York. Baking also holds a special place in her heart, and the art has helped Janie find her light, beauty and inspiration after struggling with homelessness and addiction growing up. Janie inspires to open a bakery and café that serves light food and specializes in delicious baked goods that are a creative, modern twist on American classics. A dream that would be far more difficult to achieve without the financial support of the Stacy’s Rise Project and the advanced business education from ICC. Her most notable product thus far is her Pie Crust Cookie, which has already gained attention from top food industry experts. She currently operates an online business named Janie Bakes.

Raven Rivera  was born and raised on Long Island in Bay Shore, N.Y. Although equipped with a Master of Arts in television, Raven had a dream to one day be a restaurateur. Stacy’s Rise Project and the Culinary Entrepreneurship Course have helped her follow her dream. She is embracing her family’s roots and is operating a Puerto Rican restaurant that families, friends and the surrounding community can enjoy.

Congrats to our first class and we are excited to see what the future has instore for them!

Want to be in our next class? Apply here for the International Culinary Center’s January Culinary Entrepreneurship program. 

More about Rise Project:

Stacy’s Rise Project is shining a spotlight on the critical work to be done to advance women leaders in culinary, and help them shatter the glass ceiling of the highest ranks of the industry. 

We will continue to focus on giving women the support they need to pursue their passions and accomplish their dreams through scholarship, mentorship and financial support. Women have long expressed a desire, passion and capability to join the highest ranks of the culinary industry, but continue to lack the same access, opportunities and support as their male counterparts – with less than a quarter of females chefs in leadership roles. 

More Scholarships are planned in 2018.
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